Diving Mask Uses Augmented Reality To Identify Deep Sea Creatures

Diving Mask Uses Augmented Reality To Identify Deep Sea Creatures

Tech enhanced concept eyewear turns any underwater enthusiast into a mobile encyclopedia.

Plus Aziz
  • 28 may 2013

The Smart Swimming Goggles have a slew of built-in features. The goggles have an augmented reality display that tells divers what type of fish or shark is swimming in front of them. The AR display can also inform divers how much time and oxygen they have left, the position of other divers, and offer 3D camera capabilities. Other key functions include the ability to communicate with other divers while underwater and the ability to capture footage from a excursion.

smart goggles function augmented reality

The concept, which is designed by a Samsung Design Member takes many commonplace technological practices that people engage with on the ground and makes them possible in an underwater, aquatic environment. It’s basically like having a smartphone in front of one’s eyes underwater.

smart goggles functions point of view

Additional functions includes the unique ability to communicate with other swimmers, find information on the spot, and capture content from a trip to capture memories seamlessly and revisit them at a later date. While the goggles combine numerous functionalities into a single product, we suspect that the first products will house only some of these rich features. The goggles will be available for purchase in 2015.

smart goggles functions

Smart Swimming Goggles

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