Audi Lets Shoppers Take Cars For A Spin With Augmented Reality

Audi Lets Shoppers Take Cars For A Spin With Augmented Reality

German car company lets busy buyers see under the hood of their cars and test the handling from their phones.

Daniela Walker
  • 17 may 2013

Test drives are critical when shopping around for a new car, but sometimes you just can’t make it to the showroom. Audi, the luxury brand from Volkswagen, has launched a new app that allows consumers to check under the hood of a car without actually being near the car.

audi vision_0

Audi Vision is an augmented reality application that allows users to point their smartphones (Android and iOS) at the manufacturer’s 2013 price and specification guide to access a full range of information on their products. Taking a picture of a page in the guide will unlock a flurry of content – you can hear the sound of the engine, look at the engine, see the car on the road from the driver’s point-of-view – all while staying indoors.

Mobile marketing agency Somo, built the platform for Audi. Once it is enabled, the features are accessible even without a data connection. Company’s global innovation director, Maani Safa said about the project:

Audi is leading the way in the AR sector, embracing mobile-first and placing it at the heart of its digital strategy. We are proud and excited to be helping them pioneer the next generation of digital marketing.


Augmented reality in the automobile world hasn’t been used as much as it could be, and Audi Vision demonstrates its potential. The application is the first in what could be a whole new way to view and interact with cars. Hugh Fletcher, national digital manager for Audi UK, said:

Audi Vision is the most innovative digital project we’ve undertaken to date and most importantly it supports a key developing trend in marketing; the overlap between digital and CRM. Applying Audi Vision to our brochures is just the beginning. Throughout the coming years we’ll be using the Vision platform across a broad spectrum of marketing channels, augmenting printed materials, digital content and in-Centre collateral to allow Audi fans to really get under the skin of our cars.


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