Augmented Reality Previews 3D Printed Items In Real Time [Video]

Augmented Reality Previews 3D Printed Items In Real Time [Video]

The UltimARker lets users see what their item will look like while its being made.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 17 may 2013

The UltimARker is what you get when you bring together two different technologies like 3D printing and augmented reality. The project was created by Dutch artist Sander Veenhof and designer Joris van Tubergen.

The UltimARker, whose name is a play on the Ultimaker 3D printer and augmented reality or AR, allows users to get a preview of their 3D designs in real-time while they are being created on the device.

The UltimARker also displays information such as the length of time that the printer has been at work and the estimated time of completion.



For instructions on how to use the UltimARker, you can check out the project page on Veenhof’s website.

You can also see the UltimARker in action in the clip below.


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