Translate Baby Cries With The iPhone To Find Out What They Need

Translate Baby Cries With The iPhone To Find Out What They Need

The Cry Translator iOS app analyzes and diagnoses a baby's wails and then recommends helpful solutions.

Emma Hutchings
  • 7 may 2013

According to its creators, the Cry Translator iOS app is “an effective translator for baby crying, helping parents/baby caregivers to pay early and effective attention which can soothe a baby crying.” It can be used to figure out what a baby needs, by analyzing and diagnosing their cry and recommending helpful solutions in under ten seconds.

Your baby won’t stop crying. You’ve tried feeding him, burping him and playing with him but nothing seems to be working. You don’t know what to do and baby can’t tell you what he needs. Or can he?

Translate Baby Cries To Find Out What They Need

The Cry Translator identifies if a baby is hungry, sleepy, annoyed, stressed or bored, so you can find out what your baby’s cry means. It is described as a “universal translator between infant and parent.”

Simply place the device’s microphone less than one foot from the baby and hit the Start button. The app analyzes which of the five distinct cries a baby is making before providing tips to calm and soothe them depending on the result.


Cry Translator

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