From handlebars that log ride stats to fashionable cycling clothes for women, this list features the latest bicycle swag.

Bikes have become the primary mode of transportation for many, and cyclists have begun to integrate smart accessories into – and tailor their clothes around – their daily rides. In honor of the launch of NYC's Bikeshare program, PSFK has compiled some of the best bike accessories on the market today that enhance the riding experience:

GPS Handlebars Provide Navigation & Turn Signals For Bikers

Helios hopes to add smart bikes to the growing list of smart devices and equipment with its unique handlebars that have integrated lighting which reacts to the rider, smartphone connectivity that takes own ride data and statistics, a navigation system, and GPS tracking. Helios Bars come with a related app that allows riders to connect their Helios Bars to their smart phone and control all the nifty features from there.

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