Bike Design Lets Rider’s Arms Do Some Of The Work

Bike Design Lets Rider’s Arms Do Some Of The Work
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Cycling could soon be a full body workout with this new design.

Ross Brooks
  • 1 may 2013

Biking is a sport renowned for it’s physical benefits and is definitely an excellent way to stay in shape, but it could get even better thanks to the 4StrikeBike which would allow you to ‘crank’ with your arms as well.

The original idea came from Lex van Stekelenburg, a retired surgeon who has back and shoulder problems from a long career of performing surgery. After prototyping the idea for 5 years, he go in contact with Dutch design studio TSG Essempio to develop his concept further.


Apart from it’s futuristic design the bike features a set of arm-driven pedals in place of handlebars which work much like a crank set, being turned in circles to produce energy. This energy is fed down a drive belt and combined with the power being generated from your legs. The bike has also been designed so the two methods of cycling can be used together or separately.


TSG Essempio are still seeking industrial partners to take the project through it’s final stages but judging from the design, it could appeal to a lot of people looking to get more out of their daily ride.



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