Ogilvy Brazil shocks market-goers' tastebuds with hybrid snacks for a marketing stunt.

Brazil is home to many exotic flora and fauna, but even the locals at a São Paulo food market did not know what to make of Kiwigerine, Bananaberry, and Pinegrape – the new fruits created by ad agency Ogilvy Brasil to promote the Philips Walita Avance blender.

Chef and molecular gastronomist, Clecia Ribeiro, researched and worked for three months to create the hybrid species. She began by creating a concentrate of one fruit's juice, and then finely pierced the skin of the other fruit it was to be blended with. The latter was then vacuum-packed in the juice of the former, allowing the color and flavor to seep from one fruit to another. So a pineapple soaked in grape juice concentrate? Becomes pinegrape of course.

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