Block Unwanted Spoilers On Twitter Using Keywords

Block Unwanted Spoilers On Twitter Using Keywords

17-year-old develops a way to keep the endings of your favorite TV shows a secret.

Ross Brooks
  • 9 may 2013

Jennie Lamere is a 17-year-old who was tired of having her favorite TV shows ruined before she got a chance to watch them. Instead of just trying to block out the constant update of spoilers on Twitter, she decided to develop her own Google Chrome extension that lets you block Tweets based on keywords of your choosing.

Twivo is the end product of her efforts – a piece of software that was developed during Hill Holliday‘s TVnext Hack event in Boston – and even won Best in Show.

The software is simple to use – just type in what keywords you want to block and for how long. This means you can stay safe from spoilers and still use Twitter at the same time – no more violently jerking your head away from the screen when you see a Tweet with the name of your favorite show in it.


Jennie’s extension is still in its demo phase but should be ready for release in a few weeks – it’s even attracted the attention of an unnamed tech company that want to help market the finished product.

Jennie Lamere


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