Butterfly Wing Theater Roof Harvests Rainwater & Changes Color [Pics]

Butterfly Wing Theater Roof Harvests Rainwater & Changes Color [Pics]
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A stunning theater built by Finland’s PES-Architects has eight huge steel structures stretching out from the roof 50 meters off the ground.

Emma Hutchings
  • 15 may 2013

This stunning theater built by Finland’s PES-Architects is an eye-catching demonstration of rainwater harvesting. It won the 2013 Architizer A+ Jury Award in the Architecture + Weather category.

The butterfly-like Wuxi Grand Theater features eight distinctive steel ‘wings’ that stretch out from the roof. These protect the building from direct sunlight, shelter the interior from heat, and harvest rainwater. They are also illuminated by thousands of color-changing LED lights, which can be altered depending on the different performances being held inside.

Butterfly-Like Grand Theater Harvests Rainwater & Changes Color [Pics]

The architects believe that the ‘wings’ and the building’s terraced stone plinth give the impression of a butterfly descending onto the shore of the Wu-Li Lake. This sculptural form creates a landmark building for Wuxi’s new performing arts center.

The main entrance and public spaces have been raised from the surrounding level, with two stone auditoriums on top, linked by the glazed entrance lobby with open views across the lake. Click through to see images of the Wuxi Grand Theater:


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