Timesharing For EV Charging Stations [My Ideal City]

Timesharing For EV Charging Stations [My Ideal City]

The ChargePoint Network app improves electric car mobility by helping drivers connect to the resources they require.

  • 19 may 2013

A collaboration between Fuji Electric Corporation and electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure company Coulomb Technologies, the ChargePoint Network mobile application helps EV drivers find and reserve time slots at nearby charging stations. The proximity service app maps available stations near a specified address, provides turn-by-turn driving directions and allows users to secure, modify and cancel reservations.

EV drivers have access to a wide array of information the need to know, such as which stations cost money (and how much), real-time charging status and how far they are from their locations. The app is available for free, and also provides users with direct access to their social network accounts including Facebook and Twitter. Users can make charging station reservations, payments and find location information. The app will store data from past charging experiences that will direct you later to your favorite station with real-time data – directions, station availability, status of your current or most recent charging session and the ability to start and stop a charging session directly from your phone. Overall, the real time service improves EV mobility by helping drivers connect to the resources they require in any location.

Mobile technology platforms are leveraging location as a key metric for helping citizens seamlessly access a host of services to help them better navigate their urban environments Another good example of proximity services is the Hiriko automobile,  an electric automobile that actually folds up into itself vertically. As a result, when compacted, the car only takes up one-third the parking area of a Smart car. The concept car has proved appealing to countries across the European Union looking to expand their car-share programs, most recently with Deutsche Bahn, the international mobility supplier that chose the car to complete its shared transport network in Berlin.


Whether providing a real-time map of available parking spots or instantly connecting nearby people around location-specific conversations and meet-ups, these proximity services make it easier for anyone to easily find and tap into services and information when they need them most.


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