Color-Changing Hotel Mimics Sunrises and Sunsets [Pics]

Color-Changing Hotel Mimics Sunrises and Sunsets [Pics]

This concept building will hopefully create a new landmark for Bayfront Park, Miami.

Lara Piras
  • 21 may 2013

Visiondivision has entered a proposal for a competition to create a new concept hotel that perfectly embodies the heart and soul of Miami. The team intend to boost the city’s architectural heritage by making something completely unique to catch the eye of visitors and citizens alike.


Their proposal consists of a half sphere-shaped hotel that juts out of the water and gradually changes color during the day. The hotel’s colors create faux sunrises and sunsets, and glow white at night like the moon.


The design is also fully powered by solar energy that comes from the transparent panels that have the capability of absorbing ultraviolet and infrared light and cover the whole front of the building. Amenities include a water park and casino on the lower floors and an observation deck on the top floors and one of the most appealing and luxurious parts of the design is that the hotel is only reachable by boat.


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