High Dining Restaurant Suspends Foodies From A Crane

High Dining Restaurant Suspends Foodies From A Crane

Meal time takes to the skies across Europe.

Ross Brooks
  • 24 may 2013

Two Belgian entrepreneurs have taken the idea of high dining quite literally by combining haute cuisine and a construction crane that suspends diners 180 foot in the air.

Dinner In The Sky started as a publicity stunt six years ago and now has more than 40 sky-high dining franchies in various countries, serving about 1,000 people a month. Guests can expect to pay anywhere up to $500 for the privilege of dining in midair.


A few practical concerns include keeping an area below the table clear to prevent any cutlery related injuries, as well as the recommendation that diners go to the toilet beforehand. It only takes three minutes to lower the table to the ground but can take away from the experience slightly. Locations is also key, with the cranes being setup in cities that afford excellent views and clear weather to make the experience more memorable.

The idea itself has been a jumping-off point for the creators, who are also experimenting with cocktails served by tightrope walkers and the idea of a Marriage In The Sky, something that hasn’t quite taken off, at least not in Europe due to the $15,000 price tage for 20 guests.


Dinner In The Sky

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