Airport Taps The Crowd To Design Business Hub

Airport Taps The Crowd To Design Business Hub

Bogota airport owners are asking citizen creatives for ideas on how to design the new building.

Betsy Mead
  • 5 may 2013

Prodigy Network, headed by Rodrigo Nino, is hosting a competition in order to design the interior of upcoming business hub located near the El Dorado International Airport that serves Bogota.

The project, much like the My Ideal City initiative, is focused around the power of the crowd, whose input will determine the future of the structure. Creative minds will be invited to submit ideas for the space on the Jovoto platform, relating to the interior, communal, outdoor and rooftop spaces.

The plans will then be examined and assessed by a five-panel team including architects Didier Rincon and Robert Hormes.

The approval of the Bogotanos is a great prize in itself, but there’s more for those whose designs please the jury. $10,000 is available in total; the initiator of the best overall project will be awarded $3,000 and media additions, and the best designed work spaces and recrational spaces will receive $1,000 each.

Check out their website to learn about the contents, the submitted ideas and ultimately, to find out which designs will make the grade.

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