Crowdsourced Street Art Stencils New Yorkers’ Ideas On The Ground

Crowdsourced Street Art Stencils New Yorkers’ Ideas On The Ground

Art group collaborate with local citizens to spread positives messages in a one-of-a-kind project.

Lara Piras
  • 17 may 2013

Mark This Town offers people living in New York the chance to get their voices heard through street art. The team behind the project are Minsun Mini Kim, ‘a curious learner, educator and visual thinker,’ and Meghana Khandekar an artist and designer both interested in human rights and doing social good.


The collaboration invites people with messages to share with the city to fill out an online form with their ideas along with a $1 donation to cover materials that are all sustainable.  Once a week, messages are drawn from a lottery and the selected message is stenciled in New York, mapped and photographed.  Individuals who submit the selected message receive the original stencil used in the project, a printed picture of the final mark and a place in the artists’ gallery. The scheme also follows themes each month, for April it was ‘Street Harassment’ and for May it’s ‘Neighbors’ allowing the work to be trended and for there to be a particular focus at the final exhibition.


Make Your Mark is all about uniting the people of New York and ensuring opinions get heard, Kim and Khandekar explain,

Cities, especially New York are full of mayhem. People are busy with their routines, but there is something in the New York spirit that inspires people to stop for musicians, performance art and flash mobs. Pausing to appreciate the smaller moments; a clever sticker in the subway, or an inspiring quote on the wall of a building makes our day. We want to create that feeling for you.

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