Musical Notation That Is Intuitive And Easy To Learn

Musical Notation That Is Intuitive And Easy To Learn

Hummingbird Notation is designed to make learning music more accessible to help speed up the entire process.

Emma Hutchings
  • 9 may 2013

Hummingbird notation is a different way of teaching people how to read music. Its founders, Blake West and Mike Sail, developed the easy-to-read music notation to help speed up the process of learning music and to make it more accessible to people.

The new music notation is easier to learn and quicker to read than traditional sheet music. Musicians don’t need to count lines and every note has its own symbol. Pitch symbols are obvious, barely requiring memorization, and the symbols logically relate to each other as you would expect.

Hummingbird Notation Is Reinventing Traditional Sheet Music

Hummingbird recently released a way for composers to make their own songs using the music notation. An Adobe Illustrator template file with all the symbols has everything needed for most pieces.

There are also plans to release a tablet app in the future to make learning even more accessible. You can check out a quick intro video explaining Hummingbird music notation below:


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