Eye-Tracking System Stops Truck Drivers From Dozing Off

Eye-Tracking System Stops Truck Drivers From Dozing Off

Driver Safety Solutions uses sensors, alarms and software to watch out for sleepy operators.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 30 may 2013

Technology company Seeing Machines has partnered with Caterpillar, the globe’s leading manufacturer of mining equipment, to roll out the Driver Safety Solutions (DSS), an eye and face tracking technology that monitors driver fatigue.


DSS consists of a set of sensors, alarms and software that monitors a drive’s face and facial behavior. The safety solution tracks a driver’s pupil size, frequency of blinking and how often and for how long they close their eyes. DSS detects micro sleep as soon as it occurs. It also monitors driver distraction or if the driver looks away from the road. The system works with an accelerometer and GPS chip to confirm that the truck is being driven.

The system sends out audio and seat vibration alarms when it detects that a driver is falling asleep on the wheel. The system also notifies site dispatchers of incidents.



Fatigue is a major issue in the trucking and mining industry, where work occurs 24/7, and DSS is not the first fatigue tracking system out there, but it sets itself apart from other solutions by being non-contact and does not require the driver to wear any special equipment like caps or goggles.


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