Flat-Pack Truck Can Be Built In Less Than 12 Hours

Flat-Pack Truck Can Be Built In Less Than 12 Hours

Multi-purpose vehicle could provide affordable transportation to communities in Africa

Ross Brooks
  • 17 may 2013

The OX is the first vehicle designed to take on the challenges of driving in Africa – what’s more is the fact it comes flat-packed and can seat up to 13 people.

Global Vehicle Trust (GVT) are responsible for the vehicle, which was designed and built in the UK. It was created with crucial daily tasks in mind – think water collection, food transportation and building materials. The truck has a 2.2-liter diesel engine with a manual transmission, weights 1.7 tons and unladen and can carry an impressive 2.2 tons. It also has a wide track, high ground clearance and can supposedly drive through 30-inch deep water.


Prior to shipping, the vehicle takes three people 5.4 hours to create in the UK, and a further 11.5 hours to assemble after arrival. Most of the parts are interchangeable for easy maintenance and you don’t even need any special tools or equipment to put the truck together.

The driving force behind GVT and the OX is Sir Torquil Norman, founder of the Norman Trust. He says it has taken £1 million to get to the current working prototype and will probably take another £3 million to get the OX into active production – which is being carried out as a non-profit.




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