Ford Car Moves The Motor To The Wheels [Video]

Ford Car Moves The Motor To The Wheels [Video]

The research car has independent electric motors in its rear wheels and extra space under the hood.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 may 2013

Car brand Ford teamed up with German automotive component manufacturer and supplier Schaeffler to develop a concept car that has independent electric motors powering the rear wheels instead of an engine under the hood.

The idea behind eWheelDrive isn’t new, but the research car is not aimed to make trendier or greener cars, but to explore potential car technologies for crowded cities.

The car is modeled after the Ford Fiesta, but with extra space under it hood. This opens up possibilities for smaller cars that can navigate more easily in a crowded environment. This could potentially lead to small cars that can fit four persons or cars with enhanced steering ability to allow it to move sideways and park in tight spaces.



According to Ford’s director of Research & Advanced Engineering, Pim van der Jagt, the project with Schaeffler is exciting because it creates new options for the development of Zero Emissions Vehicles ‘with very efficient packaging and exceptional maneuverability.’

The next step for Ford and Schaeffler is to develop two new vehicles by 2015 by teaming up with Continental, RWTH Aachen and the University of Applied Sciences, Regensburg, on project MEHREN (Multimotor Electric Vehicle with Highest Room and Energy Efficiency).


Watch this video below about the eWheelDrive.


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