Glow-In-The-Dark Plants Are The First Organic Night Lights

Glow-In-The-Dark Plants Are The First Organic Night Lights

An alternate way to illuminate a room without using electricity.

Ross Brooks
  • 2 may 2013

Glowing Plants is a Kickstarter project which sells night lights – the only catch is that they’re delivered in seed form and you have to grow them yourself.

By pledging $40 dollars to the projects you will receive 50-100 seeds that you can grow into your very own organic night lights. There is also the option of pledging $150 to receive a fully-formed plant, making the task of gardening an irrelevant one.


The project itself wasn’t an easy one to accomplish – the team had to put together sequences of DNA using a Genome Compiler software. This is the part of the process the team are using Kickstarter to attract funds for – after which they can insert the DNA into a small flowering plant to give it that fluorescent quality.

There are no plans for the seeds or plants to be available commercially once the project has run its course – which might explain why the project has received more than double its target with over a month to go. It may also be a good reason to go and check out the project if you’re interested in your very own living night light.


Glowing Plants


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