Google Glass Wearers Control Thermostat With Voice Commands

Google Glass Wearers Control Thermostat With Voice Commands

Developer creates app that allows users to control tell their Nest device when they are coming home or going out of town.

Daniela Walker
  • 29 may 2013

The Nest thermostat has been gaining in popularity recently. While it may be pricey, it is sleek in design and more importantly, smart in function, intuitively adjusting temperature and remotely controlled by smartphone. Now, its capability to temper the heat in your home remotely and it has been enhanced by a new app called the Glass Nest, which brings Google’s rule-changing Glass together with the world’s smartest thermostat.


Glass owners (the privileged few) will be able to control their Nest with voice commands, telling it when they are coming home or are leaving the house, so the temperature levels can rise and fall accordingly.


Created by James Rundquist, the app is not created in association with Nest, and was a side project for the developer and self-proclaimed ‘google glass explorer.’ Still in its early days, the app isn’t accepting any more users but Rundquist has posted the application’s source code for people curious about the project.

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