Google Image Search Snag Translates Into Buxom 3D Printed Sculpture [Video]

Google Image Search Snag Translates Into Buxom 3D Printed Sculpture [Video]

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez creates his Venus of Google by using an altered algorithm.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 14 may 2013

London-based digital process artist Matthew Plummer-Fernandez takes ordinary objects and turns them into works of art by altering them using an algorithm. The original basis of his latest project, Venus of Google, believe it or not, came from a photo of a box.


The project was commissioned by Design Exquis.  In a game of exquisite corpse, a method where different images or words are assembled together to create a single piece of work, Plummer-Fernandez was given a photo of a box, which he uploaded on Google’s reverse image search. One of the image results was a photo of a woman wearing a body-wrap undergarment. He then altered the image using his Hill-Climbing algorithm.

The algorithm takes a basic box shape and makes random changes to the shape while comparing it to the image. The algorithm makes thousands of random changes until the form closely resembles the chosen image in color and shape.



Venus of Google is a 3D printout of the resulting form. The Venus of Google will be on display until May 23rd at The Museum of the Order of St John in London as part of Design Exquis.

Watch this clip of how the Venus of Google was created.

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez


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