Google Game Creates Racetrack Across Multiple Screens

Google Game Creates Racetrack Across Multiple Screens

Racer is a game that can be played on up to five devices.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 16 may 2013

Racer is a Google Chrome game that lets users play across several synced devices.

The mobile Chrome experiment allows players to line up their phones or tablets to create a single race track across a maximum of five screens. Players don’t have to download anything or use any apps to sync their devices. Racer can also be played on Android and iOS devices as long as Chrome is installed in the device.

One player needs to initiate a race and send a race code to the other players so they can start syncing up their devices. Players only need to touch the screen to control the tiny cars around the single race track. Releasing their touch slows down or stops the cars.


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