Google Timelapse Displays 28 Years Of Climate Change

Google Timelapse Displays 28 Years Of Climate Change

The tech giant creates a platform that shows us how the Earth has changed since 1984.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 10 may 2013

Google has found an interesting and visual way to show us how our planet has changed in the last two decades or so with one of its latest platforms, Timelapse.

Google teamed up with US Geological Survey, NASA, and TIME and gathered more than 2 million satellite images from 1984 to 2013.  The tech giant then worked with CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University to turn the satellite images into HTML5 animations that show the changes that specific locations have undergone over the years.


Users can look at the HTML5 animations of pre-selected locations like the Amazon deforestation in Brazil, the growth of Las Vegas, Nevada, or the drying of Lake Urmia in Iran. They can also input places or keywords to see a ‘timelapse’ of the location.



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