Google Debuts A Discount Device To Challenge The iPhone

Google Debuts A Discount Device To Challenge The iPhone

The Moto X aims to outshine its ubiquitous competitors with low price point and sensory perception.

Lara Piras
  • 31 may 2013

Google is ready to take on Apple’s iPhone by releasing a device that aims to rival the most used Smartphone in the world.

The gadget, called Moto X will be aware of its surroundings and will contain smart technology that will be able to anticipate how it will be used next. It will be used to drive down the cost of Smartphones as part of a campaign to end the high profit margin the big names such as Apple and Samsung have enjoyed so far, and will be priced well below the current iPhone 5 making it a serious contender in the mobile industry.


The technology sensors will use sensors within the device such as a gyroscope and accelerometer, which means the phone, will know its surroundings, whether it’s in the users pocket or travelling at speed. Based on these functions it will anticipate what the owner will want to use it for whether that be to take a picture or make a call.

Dennis Woodside, the Google executive who now heads up Motorola after it was acquired in 2011 has hinted the device will be available late 2013.


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