GPS Handlebars Provide Navigation & Turn Signals For Bikers [Pics]

GPS Handlebars Provide Navigation & Turn Signals For Bikers [Pics]

Helios Bars use Bluetooth to log ride stats and track bike locations.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 23 may 2013

With advancing technology come all the ‘smart’ devices–smartphones and  smartwatches, for example. Helios Bars want to add smart bikes to that list.

Helios Bars’s vision for the bike of the future includes integrated lighting that responds to the rider’s behavior, smartphone connectivity that logs ride data and statistics, built-in navigation, and accurate tracking of bike location via GPS.


Helios has some very nifty features that avid cyclists can add to their bikes. First, they have Proximity Lighting, wherein the bike senses the rider’s presence and automatically turns on the headlight when the rider is near, and off when the rider goes away. Helios also adds left and right blinkers that can serve as turn signals. GPS tracking allows riders to find their location anywhere and even receive their bike’s coordinates and a link to Google maps. Helios also includes rear-facing LED lights that change color depending on the speed so riders will know how fast they’re riding without having to take out any other equipment during the ride. Helios also allows riders to find the fastest route by using Google Maps API. Rear lights will indicate when turns are approaching. As an added feature, riders can also set the color of the rear lights according to the their preference.

Helios Bars are easy to install and can fit most bikes. The product comes with an iOS app that lets bike owners connect their Helios Bars to their smartphone and control the different features.


Helios Bars is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. You can find more photos below.



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