Artist Brock Davis makes creative and humorous food sculptures.

Award-winning multidisciplinary artist and creative director Brock Davis, who has worked in advertising for the past 17 years, molded a single orange gummy bear into a bearskin rug. This is just one example of the Minneapolis-based artist’s creative food sculptures.

Whether he’s building a tiny treehouse on a head of broccoli or teaching a dog to drive a Subaru, Brock creates every piece with the same purpose in mind: Make work that people want to talk about and have fun doing it.

Along with the ‘Gummy Bearskin Rug’, Davis has created other sculptures using food, including ‘Dark Side of the Doritos’, which recreates the famous Pink Floyd album using a Dorito and sliced bag pieces from eight different flavors. As he wasn’t able build his son a treehouse, he built him a ‘Broccoli House’ instead using balsa wood. He has also made a ‘Banana Peel Trucker Hat’, a ‘Cucumber Killer Whale’, ‘Twinkie Circuitry’, and ‘Rice Krispyhenge’.

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