Hands-Free Segway Fits In A Backpack [Video]

Hands-Free Segway Fits In A Backpack [Video]

The Hovertrax is a portable auto-balancing personal transport.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 20 may 2013

Looking for a portable alternative to skateboards, scooters and bicycles? The Hovertrax by design firm Inventist is an auto-balancing electric transporter that uses gyro technology.

The Hovertrax is basically like a segway without the handle bars. It works on gyro technology, which means the user only has to shift his or her body weight to control the speed and direction. By leaning in any direction, the Hovertrax moves forward or backward, turns left or right, and rotates.



Hovertrax was created by Inventist founder and president Shane Chen. It consists of two halves that move independently of each other. Each wheel has a motor, gyro sensor and accelerometer.

This personal transport weighs only 9 pounds, making it easy to store or carry around in a duffel bag or backpack. The battery can be charged by simply plugging it into an electric outlet for about an hour.

Inventist is currently seeking funding for the Hovertrax on Kickstarter.


Check out the video below to see the Hovertrax in use.


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