Minimalist Hotel Blends Into Nature [Pics]

Minimalist Hotel Blends Into Nature [Pics]
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Rooms at the Juvet Landscape Hotel are designed in a way that each one is not visible to another.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 21 may 2013

True to its name, the Juvet Landscape Hotel makes guests feel immersed in the beautiful landscape that surrounds this modern minimalist hotel.

Designed by Norwegian architecture firm Jensen & Skodvin, the hotel was created to blend into its natural environment. The hotel is located five hours north of Oslo in Norway and near the village of Gudbrandsjuvet. Surrounded by mountains, forests of trees and the Valldøla River, the place and its amenities are geared towards the outdoors.


All of the hotel’s freestanding units and the spa and dining areas have floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows that face stunning views. Each window area is set with a couch or chair so that guests can simply sit back and enjoy the breathtaking outdoor scenes.

The units of the hotel are designed in a way that each unit is not visible to another. Interior furnishings are also very minimal, only basic furniture and facilities are included. Rooms are fitted with low-key lighting to emphasize the views outside.


Guests can relax and enjoy nature from their rooms or they can also enjoy the spa facilities, which include a hot tub and steam rooms. They can also lounge around on the communal deck that is equipped with a fireplace, a whirlpool, and, of course, comfortable lounge chairs. The more outdoorsy or adventurous types can opt to go rafting, hiking, zip lining, skiing, rock climbing and mountain biking.

Scroll through more photos of the hotel below.

Juvet Landscape Hotel

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