IBM’s Watson Is The Newest Customer Service Representative

IBM’s Watson Is The Newest Customer Service Representative

The Engagement Advisor will answer questions, offer feedback and troubleshoot problems for brands.

Emma Hutchings
  • 22 may 2013

Previously used in the healthcare industry, IBM Watson is now being used in the realm of customer service. The IBM Watson Engagement Advisor will assist brands with their consumer needs, by taking over some of their human representative’s tasks.

It will enable brands to crunch big data in record time to transform the way they engage clients in key functions such as customer service, marketing and sales. The cognitive computing assistant learns, adapts and understands a company’s data quickly and easily, increasing its knowledge and value over time.

IBM’s Watson To Provide Customer Service Expertise

Through cloud-delivered services and online chat sessions, IBM Watson will empower a brand’s customer service agents to provide fast, data-driven answers, or sit directly in the hands of consumers via mobile device. The “Ask Watson” feature will address customers’ questions, offer feedback to guide their purchase decisions, and troubleshoot problems.

IBM Watson can proactively engage with customers and continuously learn in order to provide fast, accurate and personalized interactions. Manoj Saxena, general manager at IBM Watson Solutions, said:

Customer engagement is a natural fit for Watson, which can instantly create a strong bond between who customers are as individuals, and what types of information will help them reach their goals. The end product: users will come away feeling known as people, empowered as consumers, and engaged as satisfied brand ambassadors who are willing to champion the business to friends and family.


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