Insecticide Billboard Ad Becomes Giant Bug Trap [Video]

Insecticide Billboard Ad Becomes Giant Bug Trap [Video]

Italian ad agency create an interactive billboard that doubles as fly paper.

Daniela Walker
  • 15 may 2013

Spring is in full bloom and summer is on the horizon, and with the hot weather comes short shorts and bug bites. Insecticide advertisements can be a little one note, but Italian ad agency Publicis Milan injected a little bit of fun into its campaign for outdoor insecticide Orphea, by turning a billboard in the Italian city into a massive sticky insect trap.

At its start, the billboard appeared to be just an image of the Orphea spray can, but as days passed bug after bug stuck to the billboard, in the shape of the spray emanating from the can. The trick? The advertisers applied transparent non-drying glue to the white paper, leaving little choice for the Milanese critters that landed on the board. The illusion that the insects are caught in the spray’s crosshairs is a clever way to promote the effectiveness of Orphea in open air situations.

Check out the ad in action below:


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