iPhone Keychain Lets Users Open Multiple Doors

iPhone Keychain Lets Users Open Multiple Doors

The need for a key could soon be a distant memory thanks to this new door lock.

Ross Brooks
  • 9 may 2013

The security company Kwikset have created a digital lock and key set in which your iPhone is the key – all it takes is the press of a button and you’re back inside your house.

Kevo first appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, during which UniKey CEO Phil Dumas was able to secure $500,000 of funding. Soon after the CEO went on to secure even more money from outside investors, before eventually garnering the interest of Kwikset, who have enabled his idea to become a reality.


The Kevo looks like any other lock, with the addition of a glowing blue ring that surrounds it. The lock itself is linked to your iPhone using an app which relies on Bluetooth and location services.

Once you’re within range of the lock, it will identify your phone – even if it’s still in your bad or pocket – and let you enter your house just by tapping the lock. After you’re inside, Kevo will deactivate the lock so that you won’t have an unexpected visitors without your knowledge.

kevo iphone keychain

You can also assign keys to various friends and family – provided they have an iPhone. If you’re confident in the system – which uses various levels of encryption – you can even assign keys to contractors and other people that need to get access to your house while you’re at work.

For those without iPhones, there is also the option to get a key FOB which can be used with the lock, one downside being that you’ll need to buy extras should you lose one or want to grant access to others.



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