JCPenney Ad Apologizes For Brand Mismanagement

JCPenney Ad Apologizes For Brand Mismanagement

The retail company releases a video asking its customers to come back.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 may 2013

Retail company JCPenney recently posted an ad apologizing to its customers for the changes it made in the way it did business in the last few months. In the video the company says that it has heard what its customers want and invites them to come back.

The ad, titled “It’s No Secret,” which consists of women playing with children and working features a female voiceover that talks about learning from one’s mistakes.

It’s no secret, recently J.C. Penney changed. Some changes you liked and some you didn’t, but what matters with mistakes is what we learn. We learned a very simple thing: to listen to you, to hear what you need, to make your life more beautiful. Come back to J.C. Penney. We heard you.

The new ad seems to allude to changes the company went through during the short but significant leadership of chief executive Ron Johnson. Johnson left the company in April after only a year and a half and was replaced by his predecessor, Myron E. Ullman III. He joined JCPenney in 2011 from Apple.


The ad sparked mixed reactions on social networking sites, but the real challenge for the brand will be communicating to its customers its specific plans for gaining back their trust. Watch the ad below and decide for yourself how effective it is.



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