Flash Mob Art Project Arms Crowds In Kabul With 10,000 Pink Balloons

Flash Mob Art Project Arms Crowds In Kabul With 10,000 Pink Balloons
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Yazmany Arboleda hopes to spread a little bit of happiness in the war-torn capital of Afghanistan.

Daniela Walker
  • 6 may 2013

The skies of Kabul will be brightened with 10,000 pink balloons in the coming weeks – when, we cannot say for sure, as it is a part of US-based artist Yazmany Arboleda‘s performance piece, Monday Mornings, where a sea of balloons surprise commuters on the first day of the week. For impoverished and war-ravaged Kabul, where the working week starts on Saturday, 130 volunteers will try to spread ‘simple happiness’ on an upcoming day next month.


Each pink balloon will include a handwritten message by the person who paid $1 to donate it to the project. Having already released helium-filled happiness in Japan, Kenya and India, Arboleda hopes to spread a positive message, saying:

Every balloon that will be seen in Kabul will be the physical manifestation of an individual’s belief in art and culture as a way of moving forward — and not war.


The volunteers, who are Afghani artists, musicians and designers, will pass the bright biodegradable balloons to strangers, creating a living sculpture and interchange between individuals, sharing a moment of happiness. As for when it will happen, Arboleda likes to keep release day under wraps:

The actual date will be a surprise. Once people will wake up, they will see an explosion of colors.

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