Selfies Transformed Into Stills From Popular TV Shows

Selfies Transformed Into Stills From Popular TV Shows

Photographic advertising app lets you "deadify" yourself using images from TV show The Walking Dead.

Ross Brooks
  • 31 may 2013

KMco develop products that connect brands to the social web – a recent and highly successful project to do just that involves “deadifying” yourself using an app to promote AMC’s series The Walking Dead.

This and other future photo-related campaigns will run on a platform called, which enables the publishing of branded elements into the photo taking process. Brands can publish channels in the platform, and users connect with these brands through the apps to create their selfies.


Hinting at the success of these kinds of campaigns, the app generated 4.5 million downloads and 11 million photos in just three months, resulting in 50 million impressions. What makes this kind of advertising traffic so significant is that it is all earned, as opposed to bought when using tools such as banner ads and other forms of traditional media.

The company is already working with two sports teams to generate similar campaigns, demonstrating the flexibility of this type of advertising and the various industries it can operate within.


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