LED Engagement Ring Lights Up When Fiancé Is Nearby

LED Engagement Ring Lights Up When Fiancé Is Nearby
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Engineer creates a titanium ring that glows when he and his partner are together.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 23 may 2013

So how does an engineer propose to his lady? Why, with an LED light-up engagement ring, of course! Engineer Ben Kokes built a titanium engagement ring that glows when his fiancé is close.

Kokes built the ring himself and incorporated an LED and copper coil assembly inside, which illuminates the ring from inside when it comes close to an induced alternating magnetic field–a device he called ‘the transmitter.’ The transmitter is worn as an armband and concealed under a jacket.



Kokes started his project in January and presented the finished ring to his fiancee this month. Kokes had to do several tests and experiments to make sure everything was operational, from carving out the ring from titanium, embedding the LED and copper coil, and setting the stones. The ring that he presented to his fiancee was already the tenth version.

All his hard work definitely paid off. According to Kokes on his project page, the original plan was to present the ring to his fiancee and then go to a professional jeweler to get something more permanent, but his fiancee insisted on changing the design of the ring to make it more permanent.

Kokes explains the construction of the ring in great detail on his project page.

Check out the video of the ring lighting up below:

Ben Kokes

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