Netflix For LEGO Lets Kids Rent Toy Sets

Netflix For LEGO Lets Kids Rent Toy Sets

Pleygo enables families to rent different sets instead of purchasing new ones.

Emma Hutchings
  • 20 may 2013

Pleygo is a new Netlix-like rental service that allows families to swap Lego sets instead of purchasing new ones and creating more plastic waste in the process. The Lego swap service enables kids to try out and play with lots of different sets.

Each membership plan lets users play with one set at a time and they can be returned any time, with unlimited exchanges per month. For $15/month, you can play with small to medium sets usually up to 400 pieces. For $25/month, you can play with larger sets up to 800 pieces, and for $39/month, you can play with sets up to 5400 pieces.

Netflix-Like Rental Service Lets Kids Swap Lego Sets

You select the sets you want from the inventory, which is constantly updated with the latest releases and sets added by new members. These will be sent out according to the order they appear on your wishlist.

The set will arrive in a Pleygo box, along with an instruction manual and a spare pieces bag. When you’ve finished playing with it, simply put all the pieces in the ziplock bag provided, place it in the box and drop it in a mail box.

Shipping is free and the next set on your wishlist will be sent once the previous one has been received. All of the Lego bricks are cleaned and sanitized using eco-friendly materials for a safe building experience.


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