Reported sightings of the beast used to fill people with wonder but thanks to YouTube we understand how fakes are made.

This article titled “Has the internet killed the Loch Ness monster?” was written by Philip Hoare, for on Thursday 2nd May 2013 11.05 UTC

Exactly 80 years ago the Loch Ness monster was invented. Or, it resurfaced, depending on whose account you choose to believe. The modern monster myth was born in the Inverness Courier on 2 May 1933, under the headline “Strange spectacle on Loch Ness”. In his accompanying report, Alex Campbell claimed that “Loch Ness has for generations been credited with being the home of a fearsome-looking monster”. Campbell was writing after the eyewitness account of Mr and Mrs John Mackay of Drumnadrochit, who had seen a giant animal, “its body resembling that of a whale”, rolling around in the nearby loch.

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