Creative Gym Service Supports Next-Gen Startups [PSFK SEATTLE]

Creative Gym Service Supports Next-Gen Startups [PSFK SEATTLE]
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Makerhaus fosters a community of creatives by providing access to the latest tools and prototyping equipment in Seattle

Matt Sabourin
  • 5 may 2013

Building up to our PSFK SEATTLE event on May 10th, we’re interviewing the creators and thought leaders who will be sharing their latest ideas with us. Ellie and Mike are the Founders of MakerHaus, a studio that fosters a community of creatives by providing access to the latest tools and prototyping equipment in Seattle. Ellie and Mike have given the city of Seattle a unique design space where anybody with a little passion and curiosity can go to bring their ideas to life.

What inspired you to start MakerHaus?

We were essentially frustrated by the lack of access to tools and prototyping equipment in Seattle. We decided to establish a place that allowed our community of creative minds to learn, discover, create and collaborate all under one roof. We are an incubator and facilitator for those creative minds who need access to professional tools and prototyping equipment to support their businesses and bring their own design ideas to life.


What need is this space fulfilling in Seattle?

The majority of our members are “Professional Creatives” – which is a fancy way of saying they represent a range of creative disciplines (i.e. designers, engineers, architects, technologists, developers, entrepreneurs, etc.) These people are looking for a place to realize their personal and professional projects. Seattle is densely populated and people simply don’t have the space to set up their own shops. In addition to needing space, there is a strong desire to have access to a community of like-minded people from a variety of backgrounds and with a range expertise. People here are looking to move beyond the boundaries of what they know and are hungry for access to classes that can help them grow both personally and professionally. We have essentially created a “creative gym” for those who lack the access to an inspirational space with the tools to prototype their ideas, access to classes that can take their skills to the next level and a community of creative minds.


Typically, what types of projects are worked on at MakerHaus?

There is a wide range of projects happening at MakerHaus! Everything from furniture that’s slated to be featured at NYC’s Design Week  to 3D printed architecture. Seattle is a tech-oriented city. There is a lot of excitement around the convergence of analog and digital. We can’t wait to see the innovations that take shape here.

What are some of your favorite projects/concepts/designs that have come out of the space thus far?

There is a range of projects both finished and in the works. Our favorites include modern chairs and tables, abstraction chandeliers and LED lighting. We are also really inspired by some of the innovative uses of materials. One of our members is in the early stages of prototyping a concept that combines traditional textiles with cutting edge technologies.


What do you have planned for MakerHaus in the future?

We have lots of exciting plans for the materials library, classes, and rapid prototyping. We also have several other programs in the works and will be announcing them publicly in the coming months.

Thanks Ellie and Mike! Meet him May 10th at PSFK SEATTLE.


Visit PSFK SEATTLE to see who else is speaking and click below to buy tickets.

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