Marc Jacob’s Ex Unveils Luxury Bike Collection

Marc Jacob’s Ex Unveils Luxury Bike Collection

Lorenzo Martone releases a line of sleek bicycles for the sartorially-inclined.

Daniela Walker
  • 2 may 2013

Lorzeno Martone may be known in wider circles for being Marc Jacobs’ former fiancé, but the publicist and brand consultant will soon be known for his own design aesthetic, bringing style and panache to cycling. Launching the Martone Cycling Co. at concept store Colette in Paris last week, the Brazilian creative showed off a line of luxury monochromatic bikes suitable for even the most discerning clotheshorse.


Martone was motivated by a common problem for city-dwelling cyclists – without the garages and tool sheds of the suburbs, you have to store your bicycle in your meticulously styled apartment, where it sits leaning against a wall, a total eyesore. Martone told WWD:

I was buying my second bike and I had moved apartments in New York, and I was putting the bikes in the living room. I’m like, “They don’t look good. There’s something wrong with this aesthetic.” It’s too sporty, and I collect midcentury furniture, and it’s all wood and simple.

Coming in a selection of vibrant colors, and each with the signature red chain, the Martone Cycling Co.’s two-wheelers are sleek enough for any urban sophisticate to stash in their home, but are also quality transportation in their own right. Each MCC bicycle is made from aluminum steel alloy and uses duomatic gear system that automatically shifts gears depending on slope and speed.


While fashion labels such as Hermes and Chanel have dabbled in velocipedes, releasing very expensive limited editions, Martone wants to make a permanent statement, creating a reasonably priced product (selling at $899) targeted to a niche gap in the market – this is a bicycle of style and substance. He said:

I strongly believe that choosing a bike should be a reflection of your personal style. I designed bikes in monochromatic tones because I feel you can pair your favorite color to the outfits you want to wear. A bike is a bold statement of choice of lifestyle, so the design should follow. My advice is to choose a bike that will say something about who you are!


Martone Cycling Co.

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