Sturdy Mason Jar Transforms Into A French Press

Sturdy Mason Jar Transforms Into A French Press

New French press design uses raw materials from the US and offers a lifetime guarantee.

Lara Piras
  • 17 may 2013

Designed by product development start-up Bucket, the Portland Press is a new French press device retrofitted with a simple Mason jar. It’s made out of glass, wool, steel and wood sourced from the USA and manufactured in Oregon.


The typical French press is made out of plastic and delicate glass, and can be frustrating for consumers as they tend to break easily. However, the Portland Press solves that issue, by allowing owners to replace the Mason jar with their own if it ever breaks giving the product a lifetime guarantee and keeping the owners happy by providing endless cups of coffee.

The project is currently being funded through Crowd Supply and is expected to be available online in December 2013.

Portland Press

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