All-In-One Messaging App Can Clone Users Voice

All-In-One Messaging App Can Clone Users Voice

Talkz allows people to communicate by whatever means seems right at the moment, including doodling, voice messaging and celebrity voice messages.

Daniela Walker
  • 6 may 2013

There are times when text or even emojis cannot express everything you truly want to say when messaging your nearest and dearest. That’s why new messaging app Talkz gives its users a plethora of options for communication, letting them text, doodle, send a video or even a voice message all within the app.

The free application brings together the best of other applications, combining the walkie-talkie app Voxer, free international messenger WhatsApp and Draw Something. Says founder Heath Ahrens:

We’re combining the benefits of SMS and Voice Messaging/Push-to-Talk in one…by combining voice and text in every message, we are providing a faster, more convenient messaging experience.

Not only can you use a variety of mediums to get your point across, you can do it in other voices as well. Talkz will use a cloned celebrity voice, so far only Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Mitt Romeny’s voices are available, but it’s nice to know if you want to send a message sounding like a politco, you can. But even more impressive than that, the app will actually clone your voice – so if you are in a meeting and cannot say a response, you can type it and it will send as a cloned version of your voice. The audio-to-speech technology learns your voice over time to simulate it.

Although texting seems to have overtaken chatting on the phone as the primary means of communication, speaking is still the easiest way to get things across. Talkz wants to get people talking again, as well as texting, sharing photos, locations, doodles, videos and so much more. It is 10 apps in one and did we mention it clones your voice? It’s is currently only available on iTunes App Store (an Android version is on its way), so if you have an iPhone, better get downloading.



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