Micro Taxi Does Away With Front Passenger Seat

Micro Taxi Does Away With Front Passenger Seat
Design & Architecture

New design that could make the hired cars more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Ross Brooks
  • 9 may 2013

Getting into a taxi normally involves going straight for the backseat – which is brings up the question, why is there even a front seat in taxis anyway?

Two designers – Maxim Shershnev & Tigran Lalayan – have decided to answer this question by designing a concept car alongside Skoda that does away completely with the front seat. Instead, the driver is positioned in centre of the vehicle and there are two smaller jump seats on either side of him, slightly further back.


The resulting design will be a much smaller car, which will leave a smaller environmental footprint. There are potentially other benefits of the design such as less traffic congestion and lower fares but whether or not the design makes it to the road is the first bridge that needs to be crossed.



Maxim Shershnev // Tigran Lalayan

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