Mother’s Day Campaign Signs Over One Aspect Of Life To Mom

Mother’s Day Campaign Signs Over One Aspect Of Life To Mom

The Momtract by agency Mother New York gives bossing privileges Instead of flowers or cards.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 10 may 2013

Ad agency Mother New York has a suggestion for a present for your mother, just in time for Mother’s Day. Why not give your mother control over an aspect of your life? The Momtract, which they’re calling ‘America’s premier legally binding gift,’ gives your mother authority over one thing in your life.

The Momtract is based on the idea that what mothers really want is control, not candy or flowers. The kind of control that they used to have when their children were younger.

To create your very own Momtract, you can visit the website and write down the one thing your mom always asks you to do or simply select from a list of the top 15 ‘most popular mom grievances.’ These top grievances include ‘start going to church,’ ‘quit smoking,’ ‘eat better,’ and ‘acknowledge mom’s existence.’

After choosing your terms, you select a background to make it presentable. Of course, you fill in your name and your mother’s name, sign it, then email it to your mother. All she needs to do is sign it and she gets control again.



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