Netflix And Seamless Bring Fans Arrested Development’s Frozen Bananas

Netflix And Seamless Bring Fans Arrested Development’s Frozen Bananas

The latest hoax promo for the hit show’s return enlists the food delivery service to bring the iconic foods to life.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 17 may 2013

There are frozen bananas, and then there are Double-Dipped frozen bananas from the Bluth Banana Stand. Arrested Development fans know the difference.

To gear up for the launch of the fourth season of Arrested Development on Netflix, the entertainment service’s recent promotion gave back to fans in the only way that seemed fitting: free frozen bananas.

First in London, and then this past week in New York City, the Bluth Banana Stand was recreated as a pop-up vendor giving away free frozen bananas in the lead up to the show’s return on May 26th. Fans waited in lengthy lines near Radio City Music Hall and Columbus Circle in order to get their hands on the chocolate-dipped fruit, wrapped in anticipation.




Continuing with their unexpected and nontraditional promotions for the show – which only seem fitting – Netflix also enlisted the online food service to create a fake page for Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana. In addition to offering the original frozen banana, fans can also peruse other classic food items from the show including ‘Vodka Rocks & Toast,’ ‘Skip’s Scramble,’ and ‘Hot Ham Water’ to name a few.

Unfortunately, there is a delivery minimum of $250,000 (sorry, high rollers only) and it won’t arrive until May 26th.

While the cult classic’s return is sure to be successful regardless, a fake webpage and free frozen bananas can’t hurt.

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Images via, Netflix, and 20th Century Fox

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