North Korean Currency Defaced To Depict Popular Supervillains [Pics]

North Korean Currency Defaced To Depict Popular Supervillains [Pics]
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The North Korean dictator Kim Il-Sung gets a comic book makeover.

Ross Brooks
  • 7 may 2013

Aslan Malik is a German artist who decided to take the image of North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung and portray him as various supervillains from popular movies – including two-face and the Joker.

The series of banknotes which were acquired from the communist country are known as “The Injustice League” – a salute to a similar project which depicted The Justice League on US bank notes. Each of the notes has its own style but they all have a distinct mix of comic book and graffiti artwork.


Considering the normally serious approach taken to North Korea, the bank notes are a breath of fresh air and an artistic joy to look at.

Aslan Malik

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