Convertible Office Furniture Turns Into Home Gym [Pics]

Convertible Office Furniture Turns Into Home Gym [Pics]
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Darryl Agawin designs a three-piece set that converts into workout machines.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 6 may 2013

We’re already familiar with the concept of a home gym and an office gym for that matter. A new furniture set created by designer Darryl Agawin looks to re-define the office gym set up.

No, Sweat! is a three-piece furniture set that converts into furniture that a person can use to exercise. The basic forms of the three-piece set were derived from typical workout props and equipment such as the balance board, exercise step, skip rope, weight bar, and kettle bell.



The furniture set can be used anywhere, from a corporate office to a home office or even an apartment, and it can be used by anyone as well, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner. The No, Sweat! furniture set is perfect for those who lack the space or funds for standard gym equipment or gym membership fees.

View more images of how this furniture set can be used for working out.


Darryl Agawin

Images by Mark Stokoe via Darryl Agawin

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