Micro Paintings Are Small Enough To Fit On An Olive Pit [Video]

Micro Paintings Are Small Enough To Fit On An Olive Pit [Video]
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Artist Hasan Kale uses tiny items as canvases, including insect wings, grape seeds, and cactus needles.

Emma Hutchings
  • 3 may 2013

Turkish artist Hasan Kale uses small objects as his canvas, such as insect wings, grape seeds, cactus needles, coffee beans, and even teeth. The intricate and detailed miniature paintings often feature scenes of Istanbul.

Miniscule Paintings On Tiny Objects [Video]

WebUrbanist reports that the painter has been creating these tiny works of art since the 1980s and instead of using a palette, he mixes the small amounts of paint he needs on his finger.

You can check out a selection of Kale’s works and see his painting process in the videos below:

Hasan Kale


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