Man Sells His Personal Data On Kickstarter

Man Sells His Personal Data On Kickstarter

Federico Zannier is offering his own computer activity data for $2 a day, including web history, keyboard presses and mouse tracking.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 may 2013

In the face of corporations purchasing consumers’ personal data for their own profit, Federico Zannier is taking back control and offering his own data for $2 a day on Kickstarter. He data mined himself and recorded all of his online activity.

Man Sells His Personal Data For A Profit

Zannier is pioneering the idea that digital users need to take back their rights and leverage the value of their personal data. Since February, he has been recording all of his online activity, including HTML pages visited, mouse pointer position, screenshots of what he was looking at, webcam images of him looking at his computer, GPS location, and a log of the apps he was using.

Backers can pledge $2 for a day’s worth of data, $5 for a week, $50 for a month, or $200 for the entire data archive which includes around 7GB of information. You can check out the campaign video below to learn more about Zannier’s idea:


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