Remote Lazer Pointer Lets Owners Play With Pets From Their Desks [Video]

Remote Lazer Pointer Lets Owners Play With Pets From Their Desks [Video]
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Petcube lets owners take control of a remote-laser pointer to drive their dogs and cats up the wall.

Ross Brooks
  • 21 may 2013

Petcube is a Ukrainian startup that has made it possible to drive your pet crazy while at work or on the move. Not only can you use it to play with your pet, but you can also have fun with other people’s animals if you choose.

The device itself is a 10x10x10 glass and aluminium box that plugs into the wall. Inside is a wide-angle camera, microphone and moveable laser pointer – the key piece in the puzzle. Using the microphone to attract your pet, you can then watch them chase the laser beam for hours on end using the built-in camera. Wi-fi lets the device connect to internet, which you can then access from anywhere in the world using the mobile app.


If you ever get bored – or feel sorry for your pet – you can access the public community to find other people’s pets that you can play with.

Here’s what you can expect from the device:


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