Poetic Public Art Is New Kind Of Graffiti [Pics]

Poetic Public Art Is New Kind Of Graffiti [Pics]
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Scottish artist Robert Montgomery creates conceptual displays by installing poetry in unexpected urban locations, often hijacking billboards.

Emma Hutchings
  • 15 may 2013

Scottish artist Robert Montgomery, who trained at Edinburgh College of Art, installs conceptual public pieces in urban locations. He works in a “poetic and melancholic post-situationist tradition,” sometimes illegally plastering over billboards, sometimes creating lit-up signage, and sometimes setting his words on fire.

Public Art Doubles As Poetic Expression [Pics]

The words are always elegant and their presentation is simplistic but very effective. His work is similar to street art, which he admires, and he has been embraced by this movement. He told Interview Magazine:

I started to do my own poems on the sides of buses and on walls with spray paint. Obviously my own work comes from a conceptual art tradition, but I love the graffiti artists, and I feel spiritually closer to them than to most contemporary art; they make the city a free space of diverse voices.

Click through to see a selection of Montgomery’s poetic artworks:

Robert Montgomery

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